If you don't know what IMPRESSES AGENTS, HOW WILL YOU GET OUT OF THE SLUSH PILE & get Your book deal? 


5-Day Query Letter Challenge 

Discover EXACTLY how to pitch your book so It's Irresistible to agents and
publishers (Even if you're a new writer)... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Perfect Your Pitch: Just $17

Want to Know How to Get Agent’s Attention?

Of course you do, guessing sucks. In particular with something as important as this masterpiece you’ve birthed. A perfect query letter, that hits the exact right notes, is like angels singing in an agent’s inbox. That’s because so few writers know what you’re about to learn… 

How to showcase a manuscript like the book-deal worthy product it is.

During your 5-day Pitch Perfect Masterclass you’re learning the essential elements of every successful query letter. (Psst - with real world examples to get your creative wheels spinning.)

And don't worry if your manuscript or proposal isn't complete yet. What you're learning will serve you for the rest of your writing career, even after you land your agent and get your first book deal.

See Why So Many Writers Rave About These Challenges:

Thanks again for holding the 5-Day Challenge. If I hadn't participated, and gotten involved in everything you offered, I wouldn't have my book deal!

Bitty Martin, author "Snake Eyes: Murder in A Southern Town"

How It Works (You're Starting November 4th)

During the 5-Day Masterclass challenge you're learning our proven formula for grabbing agent's attention in a way that makes your book irresistible. (Even if you're a first-time writer, who's not a celebrity, and has no contacts in the industry.)😉 


Join your exclusive Facebook group, where the magic happens. You're surrounded by an amazing group of talented, supportive writers to help workshop your pitch to perfection.


Build The Perfect Pitch, one critical element at a time. Each day during the Challenge you're learning how to mine the gold hidden within your book and showcase it in a way that makes agents drool.


Attend daily coaching calls, learn the elements of a successful pitch each day, get questions answered, and see real-world examples that led to real-world book deals, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


Attend exclusive Next Steps BONUS Workshopwhere you’re learning how to find agents that are looking for books just like yours, right now.

(Live Bonus Workshop for 5-Day Masterclass participants only!)

The Real Reason Debut Writers Struggle To Get Book Deals

It has nothing to do with not being a celebrity, or not having industry contacts.
You don't need either of those things to get a book deal.
The sad truth is that many great writers miss out on the book deals they deserve simply because they don't know how to talk about their book. Agents receive hundreds, often thousands, of queries each month. Only a few pitches get more than a glance. That’s because most writers don’t understand what agents need to see in this document. 

And let's face, it's hard to get enough distance from your masterpiece to look at it objectively. (How do you even start to condense an entire book down to 300 words or less?)

Well, turns out that writing a winning pitch is more science than art. There are specific elements that must be present to make it work. And hint, your plot synopsis is not one of them. 

During this Masterclass you're learning the exact formula I used to land my agent, and that my students have used to land their's and get their book deals. 

Ready to get on your path to published?

The No-Brainer, No-Questions Asked, Guarantee

We 100% guarantee you'll love this Masterclass. We're so confident that we offer a 10x guarantee. If after Day 1, you don't feel like you've already gotten 10x your investment ($170 in book-deal getting, agent-landing ideas and instruction) I will happily refund 100% of your funds. Just email Tori, our customer success specialist, by 11:59pm EST on Nov 7th. No questions asked. 

Sound good?

Come For the Challenge - Leave a Better Writer

Why I'm Not Charging As Much As I Should...

Kathy Ver Eecke, 
Founder GetaBookDeal101

Since starting this business over a decade ago, I've helped thousands of writers navigate the publishing landscape, find agents, and get book deals. Having premium prices has allowed me to attract highly committed clients, and to be able to bring top agents and acquisitions editor directly to my writers. 

My courses and programs range from $497 to over $3,000. 

This Masterclass is the only program I'm offering this inexpensively. (And, I may not offer it again.) 

So, why now?

Over the years I've seen far too many talented writers give up on their book deal dreams. They believe the (false) rumors that agents aren't interested in debut writers. Or, they send a handful of pitches, get rejected, and think the system doesn't work. 

What they don't know is that sometimes the problem isn’t the book… it’s the pitch. 

Which means these great books never make it out into the world, for everyone to enjoy. Think about it... 

What if Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clarke, Malcom Gladwell never mastered the art of pitching their books? Think of all the great books we'd be missing. (Psst - all three consider themselves students of the industry, and understand that they not only need to know how to write, but they also need to know how to pitch their work. Yes, even the bestsellers.)

For that reason, I want to make sure I get this training into the as many hands as possible, so I can help good writers get great books on store shelves. If you'd like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment is only $17. 

And remember, if you don't like the Pitch Perfect Masterclass, just let us know by the end of Day 2 (June 4th) and we'll give you your money back. 

Even More Writers Rave About Pitch Perfect Challenges:

The "Buts" That Will Keep You Stuck (aka Challenge FAQs)

But I write [insert your genre here]...

That's great! Agents are looking for all genres, including yours. The basics of positioning your book as the bestseller you know it'll be, is the same whether you write picture books or steamy romance. There are some slight differences between fiction and nonfiction, but don't worry, we'll cover those. So yes, [insert your genre here] will work. 😉

But I haven't finished my book yet...

That’s actually the perfect time to start thinking about your pitch. (Psst - sometimes, working through the pitch helps identify probs with the book.) You shouldn't pitch until your manuscript (or proposal for nonfiction) is complete, but you can get yourself ready now. So, why not get a head start on your success?

But I live in [insert country here]...

Agents want great books - they don't care where the writer lives. You want the best agent for your book - not the agent with the closest zip code. Unless your book will have distributed limited to a small geographic region... you should pitch the top agents in the world. Most of those will be located in the US, and they'll partner with agents around the world to expand your distribution. 

But I can't attend the live, daily, coaching calls...

That's okay, they're recorded and kept inside your exclusive Facebook group during the challenge. You can watch them when you want, as often as you want. And, you can submit questions in advance. 

But I already self-published this book...

Okay, that may be the only "but" we'll accept. Agents and publishers are looking for unpublished works. So you won't be able to pitch that book. However, what you're learning in this challenge will help you pitch your next book, and can help you rewrite your book blurb and description on Amazon to help boost your sales. 

But what exactly happens during the Masterclass... (times, dates, etc.)

Here's how it goes down:

=> You're let into your private Facebook group on Thursday (Nov 3rd) so you can get settled, introduce yourself, and check out the pre-training (Twitter Basics).

=> Friday (Nov 4th) you're attending a Pre-Party Welcome call where we'll talk about how the 5-Day Challenge works, what to expect, and we'll have an open Q&A on all things publishing. 

=> Day 1 of the challenge is Sunday (Nov 6th). Every day of the challenge you'll receive instructions directly in your inbox on how to master one element of your pitch. You'll have the opportunity to post your work on that element inside the Facebook group for everyone to workshop with you.

=> Every day during the challenge you'll join live training calls where we go deeper into that day's pitch element, and you see real-world examples from successful queries. Every call includes time for Q&A. Don't worry if you can't attend live. The calls remain in your Facebook group so you can watch them at your leisure throughout the challenge.

Your live training calls start at 1pm EST each day. They're streamed into your private Facebook group. And don't worry if you can't attend live. You can submit questions in advance, and the replay stays in the group so you can watch (and rewatch) at your leisure.

=> Day 5 (Thursday,Nov 10th) you're attending an exclusive Next Steps workshop you're learning how to identify exactly which agents are looking for books, just like yours, right now so you can take what you've learned during your Challenge and start getting your masterpiece the attention it deserves.

Throughout we have contests, and prizes, and bonus trainings, and, well... a blast... we have a blast. 😉 Join us. 

Got more questions about the 5-Day Perfect Pitch Masterclass? Email us at [email protected]



5-Day Query Letter Challenge

Perfect Your Pitch: Just $17

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