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We serve over 60,000 subscribers and thousands of clients. Each and every win shared by one of our writers is celebrated GetaBookDeal101 HQ. We’re always ready to toss confetti. Here are just a few wins that had us popping the champagne.

Amber Camp (agent: Jill Marsal - Marsal Lyons Literary)

There’s loads of free advice online, but much of it is outdated and incorrect. Kathy cuts through it all and shows you exactly how to get noticed. I've used the knowledge I gained at every step in the publishing process and I'm eternally grateful.

- Canter With a Killer, Crooked Lane Books, 2022 


An Ngo Lang

I found my champion! Deep gratitude to Kathy and her team for the advice, support, and for providing a space for people like me to learn. Your program is gold.

Agent: alice Martell (The Martell Agency)

Deidra Ann Duncan

Of course you need a great book. But the query letter is your ticket in, and Kathy’s system got me there. My agent said it was the best query she’d read in a long time.

agent: Tess Callero (Europa Content)

Patricia Beadle

Kathy's recipe for success works. Anyone seeking an agent, publication, or simply wanting to be a part of a talented writing collective, should join Kathy and her programs.

agent: Michelle Jackson (Olswanger Literary)

Nancy Taber (agent: Alice Speilburg, Alice Speilburg Literary)

When Kathy promises to help writers learn vital publication skills they’ll use throughout their writing career, she delivers. She was crucial to my success in signing with an agent, landing a book deal, and establishing a career as a fiction author.

I truly don’t think I’d be where I am without Kathy, her training, and her team.

Born an Islander (Acorn Press, 2023) 

Bitty Martin

If I hadn't gotten involved in everything you offer, I know wouldn't have my book deal!

Snake Eyes: Murder in a Southern Town (Prometheus, 2022)
Agent: Linda Konner (Linda Konner Literary Agency)

Matthew Harffy

Kathy cuts to the heart of problem and her advice is backed by a wealth of info. I landed a kick-a$$ agent after sending only seven queries. Not bad!

The Bernicia Chronicles
(Head of Zeus, 2018-2023)

Swearingen Durham

There’s no doubt Kathy's the reason I’m published. She’s knowledgeable, approachable, transparent, and a true friend to writers without compare. I owe her a great deal.

The Blackstone Ritual (Literary Wanderlust, 2020)

Cheryl Ladd:  Actress, Singer, Author

After years of pondering the possibility, I decided it was time to share my story. Although the entertainment industry is something I know very well, the publishing game is an entirely different matter, and I didn’t want to make mistakes with something so precious. Then, miraculously, Kathy Ver Eecke entered my life. 

I quickly discovered she’s someone who knows her way around the publishing industry. Her advice was priceless. I signed with one of the top agents in the country and landed a brilliant editor who shared my vision to a tee. None of this would have happened without Kathy's very generous input. This girl knows what she’s doing.

The agent asked for my full, which thrilled me in to the stratosphere. But what thrilled me more was her reason why. She said that after hearing the last sentence of my opening paragraph, she just had to know more. That last sentence was my Sticky Mashup (I learned how to write one here) worked into a bonding opening (also learned here), then followed by a query that expanded on the hook (again, learned here in Pitch to Published). 

So this is a giant thank you to Kathy Ver Eecke and every last person in the group who has weighed on my query. It’s also a shout out to anyone wondering about the value of being in this group. No one can write your query for you because nobody knows your story like you do, but Kathy knows how to dig for the gold and light up the way. Feeling grateful.

Susan Setteducato-Donnelly

Seriously though! I cannot say enough thanks and send enough gratitude and hugs to Kathy Ver Eecke because this would not have happened without her guidance and expertise and teaching us how to do this the right way! I have no doubt that finding her and this group (like a week after I got the idea for this book) was divine intervention and I am so grateful! Thank you all so much for your celebration and support!

Christy Coburn Stansell, Drive It: Life Lessons From Hollywood Band (Winsome Entertainment Group, 2021)

I received five requests for my full manuscript from my lives pitches.
- Melissa Griswold

He almost quit (now he's a bestseller)

I'm a successful self-published author, and was ready to go the traditional route. But, I was rejected everywhere. One agent even said my idea would never get a book deal.

I almost walked away when I heard Kathy say that most people write a mediocre pitch or proposal, then give up thinking there's no hope. That was me to a tee.

Kathy explained that you need to understand how the industry works, and how to talk to agents. I figured I had nothing to lose. I signed up, went through all the modules and did everything Kathy suggested.

I'm thrilled to say I signed with a great agent and got my first traditional book deal.

None of this would have happened without Kathy. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to her.

If you want a traditional book deal, no matter the genre - this course will lead you step by step. It was a total game changer for me and I can't recommend it highly enough.

- Craig Fear: New England Soups (Countryman Press, 2022)
Agent: Max SinSheimer, Shinsheimer Literary

Two pitches and two requests for pages. Just hearing positive feedback from agents made the nerves worth it! One agent said she loved my hook, which I didn’t even know I needed before joining this group. So thankful for Kathy Ver Eecke and this amazing and supportive group of writers!

Kathy Kolek Earle

In addition to two partial requests, I got my first ever request for a full manuscript. Not only that, the agent told me to use the same wording for my query as I used in my live pitch because it was “spot on.” It’s clear that Kathy Ver Eecke and the Pitch to Published crew are doing an excellent job of preparing us for sharing our work with agents in a way that gets results.

- Dawn Davis Berson

Jan Flynn (agent: Helen Adams, Zimmermann Literary Agency)

I’d thought writing the book was the hard part, but after sending out query letters and pitching agents at conferences, I felt like I was playing a high-stakes game with secret rules — and losing. I was even beginning to doubt my writing chops, until I luckily stumbled upon Kathy and her programs. Her clear-eyed guidance and industry connections were true game-changers. I’ve now signed with an agent who truly “gets” me — and I wouldn’t dream of entering the query trenches again without in my corner.

- Disney-Hyperion Books (2026)

Brenda Cooper

Kathy took the complicated process and made it easy for me to understand and to execute. My book deal wouldn't have happened without her and this course. I’m so thrilled, so excited and so grateful.

The Silhouette Solution: Using What You Have to Get the Look You Want (Clarkson Potter, 2022)

Morris Ardoin

There are so many things a writer needs to know to get a book deal. Kathy demystifying one of the industry’s toughest hurdles: getting the attention of literary agents. It’s not in the least bit intuitive. But there’s a science and an art to it, and Kathy helps writers channel our storytelling and persuasive skills to get over that often daunting, even demoralizing hurdle. Then, she generously piles on other essential goodies we need to get the deal. I can’t count how many times I’ve thanked the universe for connecting me to Kathy.

Stone Motel, Memoir of a Cajun Boy
(University Press of Mississippi, 2020)

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