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Three Modules - Making Each Step in the Process Easy

Everything you need to know to get the book deal, all in one place, and  shared from an insider's point of view. Learn exactly what agents and editors want, and why.  Spend your time working only on the pieces that will get you the best book deal possible.

  • All About Agents

    Find the perfect agent to land your first book deal, and the right business partner to help build the rest of your writing career.

  • All About Queries

    The most important 300 words you’ll write on the path to your book deal, explained step-by-step with real world examples and templates.

  • All About Proposals

    The document that seals the book deal, broken down into manageable sections. Master this and the publishers will beg you for a book deal.

Learn It, See It, Do It

Each step in the process made easier for you.

LEARN IT: Video Tutorials & Downloads

24 short, entertaining video tutorials. (Each under 10 mins) Shows you the "why" behind each step in the book deal process so that that "how" is easier to implement.

SEE IT: Cheat Sheets & Starters

Get a feel for how things should be written by seeing how other successful writers have already done it. Use "33 Book Hook Hacks" & "100 Sticky Mash Ups" to spark your imagination, and learn 13 ways writers build their bios.

DO IT: Grab & Go Templates

No need to start from scratch - just grab and go with the Perfect Query & Perfect Proposal templates. Then get a head start with the Dealmaker Hot Sheets showing exactly what the top agents are looking for right now.


What Writers Are Saying About The Path to Published

Chrissy Scivicque Thanks to Kathy I have interest from 3 high profile agents. One even commented specifically on my comprehensive, professional proposal and wanted to know who had helped me with it! I told her my secret weapon was Kathy Ver Eecke. Chrissy Scivicque, Eat Your Career
Rev. Dawn Smith Camacho I’m so impressed with your detail and expertise. You made this process incredibly enjoyable and useful for me– I really don’t know how to thank you enough for your clarity, and wealth of wonderful feedback. Rev. Dawn Smith Camacho, Seventh Sense
Maria Ruiz Kathy’s videos are a step-by-step system, a way not only to find an agent, but a way for me to organize my thoughts. Her templates, charts, plus her links to valuable sites, makes the whole process simple to understand. I feel that she has given me a path to follow and made my job a lot easier. Maria Ruiz, Author, journalist
Amy Bates Kathy taught me exactly which agents to go after, and what to say to get them to respond. I couldn't believe it when I started seeing the agent's names in my in box! Amy Bates, Red-Eye Family
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What You'll Learn Inside the Course

  • How to go from manuscript or idea to the deal table

  • 3 ways to write compelling Book Hooks that grab reader's attention

  • 3:2:1 Method for honing your synopsis down to its core

  • #1 synopsis red flag that your writing isn't where it needs to be

  • 3 best methods for researching agent (+7 tools to make it easy and fast)

  • Santa Claus Strategy that increases agent responses & limits your frustration

  • 4 indicators that an agent isn't right for you or your writing career

  • How to avoid “I will” statements that cast doubt on your abilities

  • 3 comparable/competitive title mistakes that cause a publisher to pass on your book

  • #1 element you can add to your proposal to make it stand out

  • How to make the proposal promotion section easier to write (& to execute)

  • How to write your bio even if you have no prior writing experience

  • How to structure the book proposal like a business plan to get the biggest advance check possible

  • 3 newbie writer mistakes that kill the chances of your query getting read (& how to avoid them)

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