Secrets to Landing an Agent
& Getting a Book Deal

Make Your Book Irresistible to Agents with 20 Quick, 
Simple, Tips (you can implement today).


In This Masterclass, You're Learning:


Why most books get rejected, before the agent has even read a single page of the manuscript. 


Four ways your query reveals you're not ready for a book deal, even if the work is bestseller quality. 


The magic phrase to use if you pitch a series, and the wording that will lead to an immediate rejection. 


The #1 complaint agents have about queries, and the super easy tweak to fix it right now. 

If you believed ANY of the following, you can't
afford to miss this masterclass...

Agents won't work with debut writers. 

One of the most damaging myths in publishing. I work with agents every day. Every one of them is on the hunt for the next, hot, debut author. (every. single. one.)

Only celebrities get book deals. 

Sure, it's true you can get a book deal if your name is Kardashian. Also true, you can get a book deal if got the goods on paper. (aka, you've written a good book.)

Your only choice is self-publishing.

You *can* self publish. Anyone can. (Check the gah-zillion books with no sales on Amazon.) What's important is that you know you don't *have* to self publish.

If you know your book is good, that people will love it, that it will make an impact in the world... this FREE masterclass is your ticket to making that happen. 

Oh, and did I mention you're receiving a special gift, just for investing this time in yourself and your book? 

The Ultimate Top 10 Agents for Debut Writers: This download includes direct links to each agent's website and submission guidelines, their recent sales, and their current ranking so you can see exactly which agent is a fit for you.

We're only sharing this as a gift to the writers who show up live for this valuable training. So save your spot here to snag this bonus.

Kathy Ver Eecke

Founder, GetaBookDeal101

Hi, I'm Kathy...

I've built a career helping businesses around the globe market their products. I've worked with everyone from Coca-Cola and Disney Consumer Products to the solopreneur next door, and have been quoted everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to Fast Company Magazine. 

Now, I spend my days helping writers, just like you, get book deals. Pitching a book is no different than pitching a product. You just need to know the secrets of how to position it for sale. 

Join me and learn how to go from dreaming of the bestseller list, to saying "I got a book deal." 

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