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If for any reason you feel like you are not better prepared to pitch agents and land a book deal after taking this course, you should get your money back. No questions asked. Just contact us within 14 days of purchase and we'll refund your money. (We'll be shocked, but we'll refund your money.)


Joining the program was one of the best decisions I've made for my writing. Kathy's advice was key in helping land my book deal. I just signed a second book deal and a deal for the audio rights to my debut novel.

Julie Hoag
Julie Hoag Blogger, Author

Path to Published Will Help You:

Set Up for Success - while saving you time
MODULE 1 (All About Agents)

  • You'll learn how to tell if an agent is the "right" agent for you and your career. (And, what are the warning signs that you should avoid a particular agent.)
  • 7 ways to find agents that are looking for books like yours right now. (And how to find the name of the agent for almost any book.)
  • What agents do (and don't do) and how they can help you make more money than if you go it alone.
  • How to make your first book provide a continuing revenue stream for you.
  • 5 common misconceptions about agents that could lead you to sign with the wrong one.
  • 3 things you must know about an agent before you hit "send" on your query (Miss these, and you're query will be automatically rejected.)
  • What a play-to-pay publishers is, and how it differs from an indie publishing house. (As well as if you should consider either.)
  • How to get agents to give you feedback and referrals even if they can't represent you. (Referrals = guaranteed consideration)


I just signed my contract with Penguin Random House. I’m on my way to getting published. This wouldn’t have happened without Kathy and this course. She took the complicated and made it easy for me to understand and to execute. I’m so thrilled, so excited and so grateful.

Brenda Cooper
Brenda Cooper Author

Craft the Perfect Pitch - more easily with examples
MODULE 2 (All About Queries)

  • You’ll learn the very tempting, often used, yet least effective way to open your query that almost always leads to rejection.
  • 3 methods you can model to write your book hook. (And the four things your book hook must accomplish to get the agent to continue reading.)
  • The 15-second rule, and why breaking it could cost you the book deal.
  • How to write the five sections that are included in every successful query. (And, which section of the query that, if done wrong, always kill the deal.)
  • Why your query should be under 300 words, and how to use the 3:2:1 method to get it there without losing any important details.
  • The 4-part format for the perfect fiction synopsis. (And how to decide which plot points should NOT be in your query.)
  • How to write your bio even if you have no writing experience. (And how to “borrow” authority from other experts if you write nonfiction.)
  • Four things you can include in your bio that have nothing to do with your writing ability. (And, four things you should never include.)
  • See 100+ examples of the screenwriting technique you can use to make your book instantly appealing. (A technique used successfully for books like Divergent, Vamped, The Eve Trilogy, and by writers like, Gillian Flynn, by blogger Jenny Lawson and many more.)


One agent even commented specifically on my comprehensive, professional proposal and wanted to know how I'd learned how to do it. I told her my secret weapon was Kathy Ver eecke.

Chrissy Scivicque
Chrissy Scivicque Blogger, Speaker, Author

Close Your Deal - with the biggest advance possible
MODULE 3 (All About Proposals)

  • You’ll learn the difference between a fiction and nonfiction proposal, and when you’ll need one for fiction. (You get both the Fiction & Nonfiction information inside the course!)
  • The #1 metric publishers will use to calculate the size of your advance check. And, how to write a book proposal that gets the biggest advance check possible.
  • You’ll learn a common advertising technique that will help you define your audience. (Psst - this is a biggie for publishers.)
  • How to get endorsements before the book has been published. (And, how getting them can help you close the deal.)
  • For FICTION: You’ll learn the real goal of the longer form synopsis and how to write one. (And, the three ways it differs from what you’ll write in your query.)
  • For FICTION: You’ll learn the five elements needed in your synopsis to prove you have a strong story and whether or not to include conclusion.
  • For NONFICTION: You’ll learn the two words you must keep out of your proposal to ensure the agents and publishers are taking you seriously. (Yup, it’s two simple words.)
  • For NONFICTION: You’ll learn which sample chapters to include in your proposal. (Hint: It’s not the first chapter.) Plus the three things your sample chapters must accomplish to be successful.
  • Which section of the proposal agents & publishers read first - no matter what order you put the sections in. (Yes, they’ll flip to these pages first… every time.)
  • How to determine the best genre and subgenre for your book (Hint: you’ve got to narrow down to only one - no matter how complex your book is. Another Hint: the genre you pick can be the deciding factor in your deal, and it can determine your advance size.) This is a biggie, and many writers get it wrong!


Before I met Kathy, I felt overwhelmed by the process. Not only did I learn how to to prepare an effective query letter, but Kathy gave me the confidence I needed by making me feel like I could do it. And I did it! I just signed with an agent who is a perfect fit for me! Thank you, Kathy.

Rachel Schmoyer
Rachel Schmoyer Blogger, Author


(3) VIP Group Coaching Calls

Check-ins and accountability check-ups

Join me, and your fellow writing peers, for monthly coaching. Get your questions answered when you're stuck. Knock down whatever obstacles are blocking your path. Get inspired and motivated by your peers. Writing can feel like a lonely business - not any more.

Top 10 Agent Lists

By genre, updated monthly

Save hours, days, even weeks of research time. These lists include directly links to the agent's bio, submission guidelines and website. They also show deal stats for the genre. (Every deal category genre available.)


Kathy is so much more than a thorough guide to the publishing world. She paved the way for me and opened the door to opportunity. I highly recommend to all writers who want to get published.

Patricia Crawfor
Patricia Crawfor Author, Screenwriter

You have a decision to make.

Many writers mistakenly believe that the work should speak for itself. They chose to believe that it’s the agent's and publisher's job to seek out the potential for a book. They chose to believe that they shouldn’t have to “sell” their writing to get a book deal.

And because of that, they get left behind.

Publishing is a business, just like any other business. And to succeed in it, you have to understand how it works. You have to understand where you fit in the business.

You have to work to make yourself marketable.

The writers who realize this are the ones that rise to the top, and get the book deals.

Option #1: You can go it alone, or keep doing what you're doing now (and possibly suffer from Query Conundrum syndrome)

Option #2: Join the Path to Published and let me help you hone your pitch to perfection and show you exactly how to pick the right agents to share it with so that you can...

Start getting paid for your writing.
Use your book to increase your consulting fees.
Start booking speaking gigs.
Start building the career and life you want.
Land an agent and get a book deal.

What's it going to be?

Let's get you started on your path to published, today.

Get on Your Path to Published TODAY

Get Instant Access

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you feel like you are not better prepared to pitch agents and land a book deal after taking this course, you should get your money back. No questions asked. Just contact us within 14 days of purchase and we'll refund your money. (We'll be shocked, but we'll refund your money.)


I didn't understand traditional book deals. Now I have an agent and am on my way. I can't recommend the course and Kathy enough. She's a writing agent, hovering over you and guiding you through the process.

Patricia Philbert
Patricia Philbert Author


I landed a kick-a$$ agent. Kathy showed me how to improve my hook and make my query more attractive to agents. She cuts to the heart of the problem and her advice is backed up with a wealth of industry info.

Matthew Harffy
Matthew Harffy Author


I know the entertainment industry, but publishing is different. I didn't know where to start and didn't want to make a mistake with something so precious as my book. Kathy's advice was priceless. This girl knows what she's doing.

Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd Actress, singer, author


This was all new to me. But, I learned so much from Kathy's webinar that I knew the course would be great - I wasn't disappointed. The modules are short enough to keep your attention yet packed with easy tips. Now I have a killer query, thanks to Kathy.

Sandy Lee Sanderson
Sandy Lee Sanderson Author

If you want a course with valuable content that's easy to understand and apply, you must take Kathy's course.

Cindy Nolte
Bestselling Author

I pitched nine agents and seven asked to see my manuscript. Including two requests for my full manuscript - one from the top agent in the country. This happened because of this course and my time with Kathy.

Deb Bohles
First-time Author
What if I write [insert your genre]? Will this still work? +

The course has all the info needed, even if you write [insert genre here].

Here’s the deal, the pitch is the pitch. Doesn’t matter if you’re pitching a memoir, a picture book or the next zombie apocalypse survival guide.

Some sections vary slightly between fiction and nonfiction. So, you’ll see different videos for those sections.

Other than that… the pitch is the pitch.

And remember, you also get the Top 10 Agent guides by genre. So when it comes to [insert genre here], I've got you covered.

What if my book isn't done? Is it too early to buy the course? +

Not even a little bit. In my opinion, it's never too early to get educated on the business. ‘Cuz let’s be real, publishing is a business.

Your book may be a work of creative genius. (I’m sure it is)

But the publishers only care if they’ll make money on it. (I’m sure they will)

So understanding what that means, and how that works, is a pretty critical piece of your dream’s puzzle.

Starting to put the pieces together early is a good thing.

Think of it like finding all the flat edge pieces of the puzzle first, so you can build out the frame. Then you can keep working on the inside (pretty picture part) as you go.

And remember, you get lifetime access to the course. So it'll be there when you're ready.

That includes any updates that may be made to the course.

(What you won't get, is this price and these bonuses.)

What if I get in there and don't like it? +

(She gasps.) Well first, I know you’re gonna love it. But second, that’s totally fine.

It’s totally up to you how long you stay.

The headline is: you have a 14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

If you get in there and decide that implementing the tips, and tools and tactics and formula that has helped hundreds of other writers, won't help you...

Then I'll give you your money back.

The subheadline is: it’s a no-risk venture.

(Maybe that ^^ should have been the headline, huh?)

What if I live outside the US? Will this still work? +

Yes. Agents adore [insert country of your choice].

Actually, I have no idea what agents think about your country specifically.  😘

What I do know is that agents adore good books. They adore writers who write good books.

They don’t give a hoot where that writer lives.

So yes, the course works equally well even if you live in [insert country of your choice].

Will you write my query letter for me? +

No. The course gives you everything you need to write the type of query that agents love.

And BTW, YOU can write the kind of query that agents love.

You. Can. Do. It.

No one knows your book better than you. No one understands what makes your book great, better than you.

Once you understand how to showcase that information, you’ll be unstoppable.

Again I say: You. Can. Do. It.

We will review query letters each month during your VIP Group Coaching calls.

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